Saturday, June 16, 2012

CBSE: 9th Subject: Biology assignment Chapter: Tissues

Biology assignment Chapter: Tissues 
Q1 Plant and animal tissues are different . Comments.

Q2 What is the meristamatic tissue ? what are its characteristics ?

Q3 Describe the occurrence of apical. Lateral and intercalary meristems .

Q4 Define permanent tissue . What are different categories of permanent tissue .

Q5 Give distribution ,types and function of parenchymatous tissues.

Q6 How is collenchymas different from sclerchma ?

Q7 Describe complex permanent tissue ?

Q8 What are the different compounds of xylem and phloem ?

Q9 Give on outline classification of animals tissue.

Q10 Give characteristics and types of the epithelial tissue .

Q11 Diagrammatically show the difference in the three types of muscle fibres .

Q12 Where are fats stored in our body . Define their structure .

Q13 What are the types of connective tissues. Describe briefly .

Q14 What is differences between bone and cartilage .

Q15 What are the types of connective tissue . Describe briefly

Q16 Differentiate between tendon and ligament

Q17 Give the functions of

a) Red Blood corpusels

b) Blood platelets

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