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Check point-01 [Formative Assessment]       
1. Define Afforestation?

Answer:  The practice of planting more and more trees is called Afforestation.

2. What is desertification? What causes desertification?

Answer: The phenomenon of converting fertile land into desert is called desertification. Deforestation causes desertification.

3. What is the effect of deforestation on rainfall and climate?

Answer:  Deforestation increases temperature and wind velocity that reduce rainfall. These changes led to climate change.

Check point-02 [Formative Assessment]       

1. What is wild life?

Answer: Wild life is an area where organism lives in their natural habitat like dense forest, jungle and water bodies.

2. Give one difference between endangered and vulnerable?

Answer: Endangered are those animals that are not likely survive and will soon extinct where as
Vulnerable are those animal which are likely to move in endangered category in future.

3. What is Red Data Book?

Answer: Red Data Book is the source book which keeps a record of all the endangered animals and plants.

4. Name the first national park of India? When it was it established?

Answer: A national park is protected land area that provide natural habitat to wild life. Jim Corbett National Park is the first national park of India established in 1936.

5. Name three different region of biosphere reserve?

Answer: Core Zone, Buffer Zone, and Manipulation Zone.

6. Name the   international body responsible for wild life conservation?

Answer: World Conservation union

7. What is the objective of project tiger?

Answer: To save tigers from unauthorized killing.

8. What are endemic species?

Answer: Endemic species are those species of plants and animals which are found exclusively in a particular area and do not found anywhere else naturally.

Class Assignments

1. Oral Questions

a. Judicious utilization of natural resources: Conservation

b. The reservoir of biodiversity:

c. The zone of biosphere reserve where no human activities are permitted.

d. The species which is at the stage of extinction

e. The book that contain information about threatened, endangered and vulnerable species

f. Restocking of destroyed of natural resources , forest and wild life.

g. Excessive use of natural resources, forest and wildlife.

2. Fill in the blanks

a. Deforestation lead to ------------rainfall.

b. Felling of tree is responsible for ----------------.

c. A species found in a particular area is known as -------

d. Birds fly from their ------------- habit when it became very cool.

e. Forest are our --------------

3. Match the Columns.

1. Caron dioxide
c. Global warming
2.Endangered species
d. Asiatic Lion
3.National park
a. Biosphere reserve
e. Loss of biodiversity
f. Flood and soil erosion

4. Write True or False

a. Animals and plants are best protected in Zoos and botanical gardens respectively.

b. Red Data book contains list of plant and animal that have became extinct.

c. Wild life conservation is closely related to forest conservation.

d. Habitat destruction causes depletion of wild life

e. In national park , village people are permitted to carry out their activities

f. Lion is endemic to Gir forest in Gujarat.

5. Think Zone – Puzzle /Quiz

a. Recycling of paper conserve our natural resources. How?

b. Deforestation lead to Global Warming. Why?

6. MCQ: Choose correct options

a. Wild life is destroyed the most by –

b. The organization that maintains Red Data book is

c. Which of these is a rare species?

d. The first national park of India

Home Assignments:

1. Why does biodiversity need to be conserved?

2. Why are some areas of the earth called mega biodiversity?

3. Why India is called mega diversity centre?

4. Why does deforestation lead to depletion of wild life?

5. Why do birds migrate?

6.  Why should paper be recycled?

7. How does deforestation lead to desertification?

Topic For Group discussion:

Q. Saving paper helps to conserve our natural resources.

Organize a seminar on the topic: Flora and fauna and its diversity.

Prepare a project report on the wild life which has reached on the verged of extinct.

General Questions:

1. Define these terms:

a. Flora       b. Wild life sanctuary       c. Biosphere reserve    d. Fauna

2. Differentiate between the following:

a. Endangered and Extinct species                          b. Endemic and exotic species

3. Answer these Questions:

a. What is red Data book?

b. Define deforestation and Afforestation and Give consequences of deforestation?

c. Mention the effect of deforestation on environments, wild animal and soil?

d. Why is tiger an endangered species?

e. What re the major threat to wild life?

f. Why biosphere reserve the best way of wild life conservation?

g. Human population is a threat to biodiversity? Justify?

h. List major steps taken by government to conserve biodiversity in India?

i. Write notes on (i) project tiger (ii) Gir lion project

j. What does IUCN Stands for?

k. What do you know about Chipko movement?

Hots Questions:

1. Why rainfall reduced in Cherrapunji which once had the highest rain fall?

2. How does over grazing lead to desertification?

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8th  Conservation of Plants and Animals 

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8th Conservation of Plants and Animals[Questions with Solution]

8th Conservation of Plants and animals : Science power Book for class 8th

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