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New class 9 Biology Board solved Questions

9th Biology Board solved Questions: Ch-13. Why do we fall ill? 

Q. What is an antibiotic? Give its one example
Ans: Antibiotic is a chemical substance that kill bacteria, secreted by microorganisms which can kill the pathogens Example – Penicillin

Q. (i) Which disease is more harmful : Acute or Chronic disease ? Why?

(ii) Why are we advised to take bland and nourishing food when we are sick?

Ans: (i) Chronic disease

Because chronic diseases have drastic long term effects on people’s health as compared to acute disease

(ii) (a) Such food does not contain oil or fat and spices so it is digested easily

(b) It provides sufficient energy for recovery after the disease

(c) It provides adequate amount of nutrients required for regeneration of cells and tissues.

Q. (i) How atmospheric inert nitrogen gas is converted into usable nitrogenous form for the various life forms? (ii) Draw a labelled diagram to show nitrogen cycle in nature

Ans: (i) (i) By the help of free living nitrogen fixing bacteria or nitrogen fixing bacteriafound in roots of legumes.

9th Biology Board solved Questions: Ch-13. Why do we fall ill? 

Q. What is conversion of ammonia into nitrates called?

Ans: Nitrification

Q. State the role of the atmosphere in climate control?

Ans: Atmosphere prevents sudden increase in temperature during the day light hours. It slows down the escape of heat into outer space during the night.

Q . How following factors contribute in formation of soil ? (a) wind (b) water (c) Sun

Ans: Wind :

Strong winds erode rocks down. The strong wind carries small rock pieces and sand from one place to other like water.

Water : (1) Fast flowing water carries big and small particles of rock downstream. These rocks rub against other rocks and the resultant abrasion causes rocks to wear into smaller and smaller particles

(2) Water expands and freezing. So when it is deposited in crevices of rocks it cracks rocks into smaller pieces.

Sun : The sun heats up rocks during the day so they expand. At night these rocks cool down and contract. This results in the formation of cracks and ultimately the huge rock breaks into smaller pieces.

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