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CBSE ADDA: 9th Natural Resources-Questions from recent Board Exam with answer

Question: Water is known as ‘A Wonder Liquid’. Justify this statement by giving any two reasons
Ans : Water is known as ‘A Wonder Liquid’ because most of the chemical reaction is only possible due to water. Living organism animals, plants, microorganisms, human beings mainly contain water that makes life possible on the earth. Environment temperature, rainfall etc are maintained by water.

Question: The overuse of fertilizers and pesticides is harmful for the soil. Why ?

Ans: Destroys soil structure by killing soil microbes that recycle nutrients in the soil. Kills earthworms which help in making rich humus. 

Question: (a) What are the two ways by which carbon dioxide is „fixed‟ in our atmosphere.(b) Which gas is produced when glucose molecule breaks down releasing energy ?

Ans: (a) the two ways by which carbon dioxide is fixed in our atmosphere are:

(i) Green plants convert CO2 into glucose in presence of sunlight 

(ii) Many marine animals use carbonates dissolved in sea water to make their shells 

(b) Carbon dioxide 

Question: Explain in how many ways O2 is used up from the atmosphere and how it returns back to atmosphere ? 

Ans: Oxygen from the atmosphere is consumed by the humans and plants for respiration, and vehicles, factories etc.for combustion.Respiration and combustion release CO2, and this CO2 is used by the plants for photosynthesis.Plants create Oxygen with photosynthesis. 

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CBSE NCERT Class 9th natural resources Solved Board Questions

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