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Social Science Sample paper 2015 Based on marking sceam issued by CBSE[JST201502]


This is based on Sample paper issued by CBSE 2015 for SA- II Session 2015

Very short answers -VSA (1 mark) [Total 8 questions]

1. Who said that ‘When France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches cold.’ ?

2. What is the economic barometer of a country

3. What is FEDECOR ?

4. By whom the Green Belt Movement of Kenya was led by ?

5. What we call the asset bought by the MCC’s in a country

6. Which is the main source of credit for rich urban households?

7. Who announced a vague offer of “Dominion Status” for India in 1929?

8. Which is the most important oil field of Gujrat?

Short answers -VSA (3 mark) [Total 12 questions]

1. How could a Satyagrahi win the battle through non-violence, without seeking vengeance or being aggressive ? Explain.

2. Why were Congress members and Gandhiji keen on women’s symbolic presence? Explain.

3. Which three issues were visualized by Frederic Sorrieu ?

OR, Describe the incident that took place in 1926 in Saigon Native Girls School

4. How does ‘Gobar Gas’ plant provide twin benefits to Indian farmers ? Explain.

5. Why is cotton textile industry majorly concentrated in Maharashtra and Gujarat ? Give any three reasons.

6. State any two uses of limestone and name any two states which are the major producers of limestone.

7. Establish the relationship between democracy and development.

8. Explain the role of the opposition party in democracy ?

9. What does the challenge of deepening of democracy involve ? Explain.

10. In what ways are locally formed consumer protection councils helpful in seeking redressal against unfair trade practices and exploitation?

11. Give an example to show how credit can play a positive and vital role in the life of borrower ?

12. Why are the poorer sections of the society dependent on informal sources of credit ?

Long answers -VSA (5 mark) [Total 8 questions]

1. Explain the reason for the Lahore Session of the congress in 1929 to be called the historical session.

2. ‘Socially and politically, a landed aristocracy was the dominant class in Europe in the 19th century’. Support the statement with suitable facts.


3. Name the fuel which is most abundantly available fossil fuel in India. Describe its major forms.

4. How is nuclear or atomic Energy obtained ? Write any one use of it. Which minerals are used to obtain this energy and mention any two states where these minerals are found?

5. What are interest groups ? Explain their significance.

6. How can government play a major role in making globalisation a fair deal for all ? Explain any five points.

7. Describe the drawbacks of globalization ?

8. Suggest any five measures to reform financial position of the political parties in India.

Short Answer-SA (3 Marks)-Map Questions [Total 2 questions]
1. Two items A and B are shown in the given political outline map of India. Identify these items with the help of following information and write their correct names on the lines marked on the map :

(i) An Iron and Steel Plant.

(ii) The place where Congress Session was held in 1929.

(iii) The place where declaration of Purna Swaraj was formalized.

2. On the same political outline map of India, locate and label the following items with appropriate symbols

(iv) Srinagar : North terminal of North-South Corridor

(v) Champaran : Famous of the movement of Indigo Planters.

(vi) Namrup : Thermal Power Plant

Solved Sample paper issued by CBSE 2015 for SA- II Session 2015

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