Monday, May 28, 2012

S.D.V. Assignment By Jsunil for class IX-X

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  1. 1) A bullet blasts from the barrel of a gun upward in the vertical direction with an initial speed of 700 m/s. Find the maximum altitude reached by this bullet and the time needed to reach it.

    Initial speed u = 700 m/s Final speed v =0m/s (at the maximum altitude) , a = -10m/s2
    t = ( v-u)/0 =( 0 – 700)/-10 = 70m/s
    v2 = u2 + 2as
    v2 - u2)/ 2a =s
    0 – (700)2 /2x-10
    = - 490000/-20 = 24500m
    2) A mouse is dropped from an eagle's claws starting at an altitude of 150 meters. What distance does it fall in the third second after it is dropped?
    S = ut + ½ at2
    0x3 + ½ x 10 x3x3
    = 45m


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