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Sources of energy class10 oswal solved questions

Short Answer Type Questions (2 marks each)

Q. 1. List four gases generated in a biogas plant

Ans. (i) Hydrogen (ii) Hydrogen sulphide (iii) Methane (iv) Carbon dioxide.

Q. 2. Name the major constituent of biogas. List three characteristics to prove it as an excellent fuel.

Ans. Methane is the major constituent of biogas.

Three characteristics to prove it as an excellent fuel : (i) Smokeless (ii) Leaves no residue (iii) Higher heat of combustion.

Q. 3. Mention the main use of slurry left behind in the biogas of plant. State the characteristics of the slurry on which this use is based.

Ans: Slurry is used as a manure as it is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.

Q.4. List any four reasons why we need to look for alternate sources of energy.

Ans: Four reasons we need to look for alienate sources of energy are :

(a) Pollution due to fossil fuels. (b) Exhausting fuel reserves.(c) Increasing need. (d) Replenishment is not easy.

Q.5. List any four qualities of an ideal source of energy.

Ans: Qualifies of an Ideal Source of Energy : (a) More heat per unit mass. (b) Pollution less and smoke free (c) Cheap and Economical. (d) Easily available and easily handled. (e) Safe to transport. (any four)

Q.6. (a) What is solar cell panel ? (b) Name any two elements that are used for making solar cell panels.

Ans. (a) A combined arrangement of a large number of solar cells that can deliver sufficient electricity for practical use is known as solar cell panel. (b) Silver, Silicon.

Q. 7. Why is charcoal considered to be a better fuel than wood ?

Ans. Charcoal is better fuel than wood because (a) It is smokeless and leaves no residue. (b) It has a higher heat of combustion.

Q. 8. List any two disadvantages of using fossil fuels.

Ans. (a) Burning of coal or petroleum products lead to air pollution (b) The oxides of C, N and S are released on burning fossil fuels as acidic, oxides. It leads to acidic rain and affect water and soil.

Q.9. List two reasons which limit the usage of solar cells for harnessing energy for domestic use.

Ans. (a) Availability of the special grade silicon for making solar cells is limited. (b) The process of manufacture is expensive, silver used for interconnections of the cells in the panel further adds to the cost.

10. Biogas isconsidered to be a boon to the farmers. Give reasons.

Ans. (a) Farmers can produce clean fuel from biowastes. (b) Spent slurry is used as a best manure and can be used to generate electricity.

Q. 11. Give two advantages of using nuclear energy.

Ans. Two advantages of using nuclear energy am (a) Very small mass of Uranium yields tremendous energy. (b) The released energy can be used to produce steam and further generate electricity.

Q.12. State any three characteristics of a good source of energy. Name the gaseous fuel which has the highest calorific value.

Ans. Characteristics of Good Source of Enemy : (a) Large amount of work per unit volume/mass. (b) Easily available (c) Easy to transport. Gaseous fuel of highest calorific vlaue-hydrogen.

Q. 13. (a) Hydrogen is used as a rocket fuel. Why ? (b) List two limitations of using solar cookers.

Ans. (a) Hydrogen is comparatively a cleaner fuel than any other gaseous fuel as on its burning only water is produced which does not pollute the environment. (b) (i) Can not be used in night/cloudy days. (ii) Direction of reflector has to be changed from time to time.

Q. 14. What is a nuclear fusion reaction ? List any two advantages of nuclear fusion reactions.

Ans. Reaction in which two nuclei of lighter elements combine and form a heavy nucleus with release of tremendous amount of energy.

Two advantages : (a) Large amount of energy from a very small amount of fuel. (b) Produces non-pollutant waste/does not produce gases which pollute the environment/ muse green house effect.

Q. 15. Large scale use of nuclear energy becomes prohibitive due to some hazards. State any two major hazards associated with a nuclear power plant.

Ans. (i) Storage and disposal of spent or used fuels which decay into sub-atomic particles with harmful radiations. (ii) Nuclear waste storage and disposal result in environment contamination or accidental leakage of nuclear radiations.

Q. 16. A student constructed a model of box type solar cooker. He used a transparent plastic sheet to cover the open face of the box. He found that this cooker does not function well. What could be the possible draw backs in his model List any four draw backs.

Ans. He may not have used (a) Black painted sheet to absorb heat radiation. (b) Black cooking vessel to absorb heat radiation. (c) Glass sheet - prevents the escape of heat radiation from the box instead of plastic sheet. (d) Mirror plate reflects the sunlight to fall on the glass sheet.

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