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Class 10 Assignment Ch-07 – Control and Coordination

CBSE Class 10 Assignment 6 – Control and Coordination
Section A
1. Which of these plant hormones is a growth inhibitor
a) Ethylene
b) auxin 
c) abscisic acid 
d) cytokinin

2. Master gland of the body is:
a) Testis b) pituitary c) thyroid d) adrenal

3.Which hormone brings about contraction of uterine wall, leading to labour pain?
a) Estrogen b) progesterone c) relaxin d) oxytocin

4.People suffering from diabetes mellitus are unable to secrete:
a) Insulin b) adrenaline c) thyroxin d) vasopressin

5.The activities of the internal organs are controlled by the:
a) Central nervous system b) peripheral nervous system
c) Autonomic nervous system d) none of these

6. The gap between two neurons is called a:
a) Dendrite b) synapse c) axon d) impulse

7.the brain is responsible for:
a) Thinking b) regulating heart beat c) balancing the body d) all the above

Section B
[Knowledge ]

8.Name the organ responsible for regulation of:
a) Metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
b) Balance of calcium and phosphate
c) Blood pressure
d) Water and electrolyte balance.

9. a) What are hormones?

b) List four characteristics of hormones.

c) Name the hormone required for the following:
i) Functioning of memory glands
ii) Regulation of calcium and phosphate in blood.
iii) Lowering of blood glucose.
iv) Development of moustache and beard in human male.


10. Distinguish between:
a) estrogen and progesterone, b) auxins and gibberllins
c) Exocrine and endocrine glands d) cerebrum and spinal cord.

11. What are voluntary and involuntary actions? Give examples.
12. Describe the mechanism of reflex action with the help of a labeled diagram.


13. List the hormones secreted by any two endocrine glands in man and write their functions. Mention the effects of their hypo secretion and hyper secretion.
14. Pituitary gland is often called as master gland. Why?
15. Draw a diagram of human brain. Label and state the functions of: Cerebrum, Meninges, medulla oblongata, Cerebellum.


16. Glucagon and insulin are antagonistic to each other. Justify the statement.
Suggest a proof that even unicellular organisms like amoeba respond to stimuli. Justify giving two examples that even plants respond to stimuli. 

17. Nervous and hormonal systems together perform the function of control and coordination in human beings. Justify the statement.

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