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Class X Control and Coordination solved Questions

CBSE ADDA: 10th Control and Coordination solved Questions: CBSE class 10 Biology Chapter : control and coordination --- Trend Setter solved Problems

1. How does the nervous tissue cause action? 

Ans:. When a nerve impulse reaches the muscle,the muscle fibre must move by changing their shape.this is 
possible as muscle cells have special proteins that change both their shape and arrangement in the cell in response to nervous electrical impulses.when ths happens new arrangements of these proteins give the muscle different shapes. 

2.Which organ secretes hormone when the blood sugar rises?name a digestive enzyme released by this organ.

Ans: Pancreas secretes hormone insulin when sugar level rises.Digestive enzyme secreted by pancreas is  trypsin(that digests protein).......................  Read full post 

Quick Revision Notes Ch: Control and  Co-

10th Control and coordination solved Questions

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10th Control and coordination NCERT solution

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