Monday, December 31, 2012


CBSE Guess Questions
1. What will be the effect of increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere on the average temperature of the earth?
2. Why is it necessary to conserve our environment?
3. Which of the following is the major constituent s of biogas?
CO2, H2, CH4, CO
4. Which of the following pollutants of air would affect the capacity of blood in human bodies to absorb O2 from lungs?
5. Where was CHIPKO MOVEMENT started?
6. What will be the result of excess CO2?
7. What are the two major benefits of dams?
8. What are kulhs?
9. List any two traditional systems of water harvesting.
10. How is the increase in demand for energy affecting environment already?
1. Write two advantages of classifying energy sources as renewable and non renewable.
2. Why should we conserve forests? Suggest any two ways of conserving forests.
3. What are fossil fuels? Give two examples of fossil fuels?
4. Write the ecological functions of forests.
5. What is Chipko movement? How did this movement ultimately benefit the local populations and the environment?
6. How do the forests get depleted? What are its consequences?
7. Suggest any two measures for controlling CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
8. Why are Arabari forests of Bengal known to be good example of conserved forests?
9. Why are environmentalists insisting upon sustainable natural resource management? Give any three reasons.
10. Suggest any two ways of utilizing waste water.
1. Briefly describe Ganga action plan.
2. Explain the methods of water harvesting
3. Quote three instances where human interventions saved the forests.
4. There are four main stake holders when it comes to forests and wild life which among these should be
the authority to decide the management of forest produce? Why?
5. What is the importance of water harvesting?
6. An environmentalist on your visit to your school suggested the use of three ‘R‘s to save the environment. explain the three ‗R‘s
7. What is meant by sustainable management? The environmentalists are insisting upon sustainable natural resources management? State four advantages.
8. What is a dam?  Write two main advantages and two ill effects  of constructing a big dam
9. Why is replenishment of forests necessary?
10. List four changes you would incorporate in your life style in a move towards sustainable use of available resources.

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