Stars and The Solar System- Question bank for Class VIII(8th)

Chapter: 17- Stars and The Solar System- Question bank for Class VIII(8th)
 1. Which is the smallest planet of the solar system?
2. Which is the nearest planet from the sun?
3. The planet which is called red planet is:  
a. Saturn    b. mars      c. Venus              d. Neptune
4. The star which appears stationary is:     
a. Sirius     b. pole star   c. Andromeda    d. Orion
5. A group which forms definite pattern is called: a. comet b.constellation c. meteor d. meteoroid
6. What are celestial bodies?
7. What are known as phases of moon?
8. Why does moon show different phases?
9. Write the applications of artificial satellites
10. How would you locate pole star?
11. What is an orbit?
12. Which is the nearest star to us?
13. What is a satellite?
14. What makes the earth a special planet?
15. Why does earth appears blue-green from the space?
16. Name the inert planets
17. Name one outer planet.
18. What are asteroids?
19. Distinguish between a meteor and meteorite.
20. What is the tail of comet due to?
21. Draw a neat diagram of Ursa Major, Orion
22. How are artificial satellites different from natural satellites?
23. Name some artificial satellites launched by India.
24. On what days during a month can you see more stars in the sky? Give reasons.
25. What keeps the planets move around the sun in their orbits?
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