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Class VI Lesson: Electricity and Electric Circuits: Multiple choice questions

For Questions from 1 to 10 Visit: 
6th Electricity and Circuit MCQ'S based on NCERT/CBSE

11. A complete  electric circuit is called______________ electric circuit.
(a) open
(b) Closed
(c) Complete
(d) None of these

12. ----------- is an insulator. 
(a) Metal
(b) acid
 (c) Rubber
 (d) Salt solution

13.__________is  a  conductor.
(a) Wood
 (b) Metal
(c) Paper
(d) Petrol

14. The electric current in a closed circuit always flows from the ___________terminal of the electric cell to the ______terminal.
(a) Negative to positive
(b) Positive to negative
(c) Positive to positive
(d) None of these

15. The base  of an electric cell is its ___________terminal.
(a) Positive terminal
(b) Negative terminal
(c) Negative and positive
(d) None of these

16. The path along which electric current flows is_____________.
(a) Switch
(b) Electric current
(c) Electric circuit
(d) Electric cell

17. In _____________ electrical energy is transformed in to mechanical energy.
(a) Transistor
 (b) Mixer grinder
(c) Electromagnet
(d) Electric bell.

18 ------------- is an energy which flows in an electric circuit.
(a)Electric circuit
(b) Electromagnet
(c) Electric current
(d) None of these.

19. The central _____________of an electric cell is always positive.
(a) Circuit
(b) Chemical
(c) Terminal
(d) None of these

20. Kerosene oil is an example of_______________.
(a) Conductors
 (b) Insulators
(c) Electrolyte
(d) None of these  

21. The cylindrical container of electric cell is made of ___________ _and acts as negative terminal.
(a) Copper
(b) Iron
(c) Zinc
(d) Silver

22. The wire which carries away the current to the power house is called____________.
(a) Earth wire
(b) Neutral  wire
(c) Live wire
(d) None of these

23._____________ is a safety wire  which  protect us from electric shocks and electric fire.
(a) Earth wire
(b) Neutral wire
(c) Live wire
(d) None of these

24.____________ is a device which converts chemical energy in to electrical energy.
(a) Electrical bell 
(b) Electric lift
(c) Electric cell
(d) Electric bulb

25. An electric cell has ____________terminals.
(a) 3 

(11)B              (12)C              (13)B              (14)B              (15)B              
(16)C              (17)B              (18)C             (19)C              (20)B              
(21)C              (22)B              (23)A              (24)C             (25)D

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