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Light Shadow and Reflections for CBSE Class 6th

Light Shadow and Reflections for CBSE Class 6th

VI – SCIENCE WORKSHEET  Light, Shadows And Reflections

I) Fill in the blanks:
1. __________________ helps us to see objects.(Non luminous)
2. Objects that give out or emit light of their own are called _________(Luminous)
3. ____________objects allow light to pass through them completely. (Transparent)
4. ____________objects do not allow the light to pass through it at all. (Opaque)
5. ____________objects allow the light to pass through them partially.(Translucent)
6. Light travels in a _____________.(Straight path)
7. _____are formed when an opaque object comes in the path of light.(Shadow)
8. __________ and ___________ objects are essential for the formation of shadows on a screen.(Light,Screen)
9. A shadow cast by the heavenly bodies is called an ________( Eclipse)
10. Images formed by a pin –hole camera are ______________(inverted)
11. We can see _________ of the object in the mirror.
12. All sources of light can be classified into two categories _______ and ______
13. Moon and planets do not emit light of their own, but they reflect the light of the ____ falling on them. (sun)
14. A non-luminous body can be made luminous by _____ it.
(lighting )
15. A source of light which is of the size of the head of a common pin is called ____________________ source of light. (Pointed)
 (II) Choose the correct Answer :
1. [Mirror/glass] helps to change the direction of light that falls on it.
2. Images are [ same / different] from the shadow.
3. Torch bulb is [ luminous / non – luminous object]
4. [opaque/transparent] objects cast shadows.
5. Coloured objects form [coloured / dark] shadows.
III) Define :
1. Opaque objects
2. Shadows
3. Reflection of light
IV) Distinguish between
1. Transparent and translucent objects
2. Luminous and non luminous objects.
(V) Answer the following questions :
1. How are shadows formed ?
2. What is meant by reflection of light ?
3. Explain with the help of an activity that light travels in a straight line. 
Lesson 11: Light, Shadows And Reflections.(Useful Links for further study)
Lesson 11: Light, Shadows And Reflections.
Solution for  Questions  in brief 
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